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Welcome to My Weekend Horror Book Review!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Author: Cactus Moloney (No, this is not a pen name)

Book: Beware of Flight Attendant

Keeping with the season this weeks review is horror — again this is not my usual genre. Don’t worry! After the time of the dead I will go back to reviewing fantasy and other non-horror books. But in case you’re looking for a good fright this Halloween this is the book to read.

It’s not fantasy or paranormal horror as the situation is a plausible scenario which makes it all the more terrifying. If you’re already afraid to fly or afraid of dogs (or both) then this book is not for you.

I've never read a story that is told in this manner (that I can recall. At least not in the past 20 years). This book is unique, it’s told from the viewpoint of many different people. I enjoyed how different people interpreted each other and their surroundings in a different and often contradictory way. This book is full of ironies that must be admired. Cactus also touched on a number of social issues (largely political and class issues).

My favorite chapters were the ones told from Buster’s point of view (the massive and deadly Pitbull). I was rooting for him … in the beginning …

Heat Level: None. No sex.

Yours in reading!

Author Lynne Hill-Clark

Lords and Commoners series and

A Woman’s World series

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