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 The Best Reading

Book 1: Of Lords & Commoners


What happens when immortals mark you?

Vallachia doesn’t know much…
One thing she does know is that she loves her simple life.
This becomes even more apparent when that life is ripped from her.
Who will care for her widowed father and younger brother? All while the one she truly loves remains out of reach. 
But she doesn’t have time to worry about that when she must learn how to keep herself alive.
She quickly finds herself on the wrong side of a brewing battle for vampire domination.
Not knowing who to trust could have fatal consequences … For everyone.

Book 2: Of Princes & Dragons

The Possibilities for a Wealthy Vampire are                                           Endless

But Teller's life depends on keeping his true nature a secret.
He must keep up the front if he is to achieve his dream of becoming royalty…
A prince … an Emperor … maybe even a God.

Enough is never enough for Teller.
He must have more, more wealth, more power, more …
All in the name of winning Vallachia back, but will he ever have enough to satisfy her?
Or is it Teller himself who is insatiable?
Something or someone must stop him as the vampire battle to end all battles is coming.


Book 3: Of Gods & Goddesses

Sometimes one must lose everything to get what they want 

Vallachia knows a lot…

Well she should — she ancient.

However, even her vast knowledge is not enough.

To her surprise she still has a lot to learn.

The enemy will not play to her strengths this time.

They will prey on her weaknesses.

This battle will not be won with a war…

It will be won by conquering ones own mind.

The key is to uncover the mysterious origin of the vampire race…

which could save them all.

The Woman's World Series
A Companion series to Lords and Commoners 

Book 1: A Woman's World

Destruction or Salvation 

BAYA is being groomed to become the next ruler of the world.

Her life is one of constant pressure to become who her mother wants her to be. 

This requires Baya to train relentlessly as it will take all her magical abilities to survive the ancient and deadly trials. 

However, it’s not in her mother’s plan when Baya falls in love. 

This means it’s time for Baya to escape with the man she loves. 

Baya's choices will alter the course of humanity. 

Book 2: Lost Powers

Baya has been chosen to restore balance.


The friends she can’t save.

The family she can’t help.

The lover she can’t live without.

And don’t forget about the world. 

It all rests on Baya’s shoulders. 

She must piece together the truth about their lost history. 

Her path leads her to face her greatest regrets and her worst fears. 

Warning: Nothing is what it seems.

Book 3: A Collision of Worlds

Baya’s been given an impossible task

She’s been chosen to restore what was stolen and save the men of her planet.

On her quest, she meets strange people from an advanced planet called Earth. 

Yet with these new allies also come fierce new enemies who will do anything to ensure she fails.

Baya and her companions must uncover the final missing pieces of their history. 

The fate of their world depends on it.

Note to readers: If you have not read The Lords and Commoners series then now is the time to do so. This is a prequel series to A Woman’s World. Reading the Lords and Commoners series first will enhance your enjoyment of A Collision of Worlds, where these two stories come together.

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