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Historical Fiction for Both Fact and Fantasy Lovers

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

You may have noticed that I have a passion for writing about vampires and other mythical creatures, however, it may come as a shock to find out I'm a bit of a history buff too!

So much so that I have included several events, places, and real-life figures from

European History into her books. Most notably, is my storyline on Vlad the Impaler, the original inspiration for Dracula. My 2nd book, Of Princes and Dragons, tells an alternate story of this infamous character. It outlines many actual historical events and people.

Many of my readers love the historical setting in the Lords and Commoners Trilogy. With the setting in Medieval Europe, readers are taken on a ride through the demise of

the Byzantine Empire as they follow the main characters on their quest to save

mankind from vampire domination.

If you’re looking for more historical fiction, then check out my picks below!

Theodora: From Lady of the night to Empress of the most powerful empire.

The Secret History by Stephanie Thornton


Goodness. This is one of the best books I’ve ever read. It made me cry and laugh and fall in love — with a woman! To be as lovely and intelligent and

perhaps most of all as STRONG as Theodora….

This is the ultimate real life rags-to-riches story — Pretty Woman but this actually happened. The first part of Theodora’s life was tragic but after she gets through her wild youth, she goes on to accomplish

many great things!

I knew there was a good reason to include this amazing historical figure in my novels,

The Lords and Commoners series. Although she played a minor role in my stories, Stephanie puts her in the spotlight and brings her to life in the best

way possible.

The Secret History was superbly written. You're right there with Theodora the entire time — through all the ups and downs (and there are a lot of downs). You feel like you’re in

early Byzantium living her crazy, yet amazing life. Things got better for

Theodora as she matured. However, her life was always complicated. The

betrayals are many and from all sides, including Theodora’s.

There was never a dull moment. I hate to use the cliché but this is a MUST READ!

Heat Level:

Mild. She was a prostitute in her youth but the sex was not graphic. It’s largely left up to the


Theodora: Actress, Empress, Whore by Stella Duffy

This author did her research (as Stephanie did). This book goes into more detail about the different religious beliefs and the politics of the time. It ends shortly after

Theodora is crowned Empress of the Eastern Roman Empire (later known as Byzantium). This book was largely told (not shown) and on several occasions it read like a history book.

I grew to like this Theodora, she was more ambitious, self-serving and less beautiful than Stephanie’s Theodora but no less intelligent. So if you want to know more

of the history of this time while getting an entertaining story in between, then check out this book.

These two books left me wondering about the real Theodora. We know so little about her. Many historical accounts say it was her beauty that caught the future Emperor Justinian's eye. But in this novel he was a rather a-sexual figure, consumed

with work and he liked Theodora for her sharp mind and companionship. They were

largely just friends. The idea that they were to produce an heir to the throne

was an afterthought or a duty which was a refreshing take. Less sex in her

later life might have been a nice change for her, she got enough of that in her

youth (a lifetime’s worth, no doubt).

But I really want to know....

Was Theodora a good mother? In this novel she was an entirely neglectful parent,

leaving her daughter to be raised solely by others. This was a very likely

scenario for a young whore. A child would have sorely inhibited her early


How many kids did she really have? Was it Justinian or Theodora who couldn’t conceive?

Was she a truly compassionate person or only an overly ambitious woman? Or both?

Why did Justinian marry her? He had to go through a lot of trouble to do so, i.e.

he had to convince his uncle (the Emperor at the time) to change Roman law?

What was the true nature of their relationship? Was it true love or a did she marry only

for power?

I really wish I could go back in time and get to know this true heroine.

One thing was for sure, Justinian saw in Theodora a strength that he didn’t possess

himself. He must have known early on that his rein would need her. That’s why

he went through such trouble to marry her. And of course he was right, Theodora

single handedly saved his throne. When the capital was under siege and Justinian’s

advisers convinced him to flee the city, it was Theodora who delivered her

famous impassioned speech which convinced Justinian to stay and fight. As it

turned out this was the right choice for his reign.

Theodora... she was not born in royal purple (far from it) but she died in purple.

Why are Alternate History Books so Appealing?

Well, I think it's because readers get a mixture of historical facts and a fun action-packed adventure. Alternate histories make history fun and entertaining rather than a boring


When I was writing the Lords and Commoners Trilogy, I did a ton of research on the Byzantine Empire, the Black Plague, and famous historical figures from that era, such as Vlad and Theodora. I really wanted my audience to feel what it would be like to live in a different

time all from the comfort of home.

I also believe that there are many lessons that history can teach us and that an alternate history tale can relay important themes in entertaining ways. For instance, figures such as Empress Irene, the first woman to rule in her own right in Byzantine history, show us that women leaders can be equally as powerful and ruthless as their male counterparts. This a theme that I have intertwined in my newest series, A Woman's World (coming summer 2021!).

Looking for a New Adventure in this Exotic Time Period?

My historical action fantasy series called The Lords and Commoners, tells a

rags-to-riches story that takes place during the fall of the Byzantine Empire.

I've received a lot of positive feedback for my fresh new take on an often forgotten time after

the collapse of the longest lasting medieval power in history.

So if you’re looking to enjoy a fast-paced, fantastical adventure in a time period that has

influenced cultures around the world, then grab a copy of The Lords and Commoners trilogy here.

Happy reading!

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