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Is there a such thing as a magic number?

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

I believe there is. No, not a magic number that will win you the lottery. But one that can make you successful at whatever it is you do. .”

That number is 10,000. Yes, I’m referring to Malcom Gladwell’s theory that it takes 10,000 hours of practice before someone is a professional or a true expert in their field. There is hard evidence to support this theory, for details refer to Gladwell’s book Outliers: The Story of Success. (Great book, by the way!)

I have finally surpassed my 10,000 hours of creative writing experience. If you count my academic writing then I’m well over double that. And I am just now willing to claim that I am a writer, as I’m beginning to feel like I know somethings about creative writing. Not in all areas of fiction writing but I’m no longer a novice, like I was over four years ago when I started my first novel.

Of course, there is still much to learn! I will continue to get feedback from fellow authors and continue to read best sellers, in order to study why they are best sellers. And of course the big one, continue writing.

Many authors finally make it big with their fourth novel. Guess how many hours have to be put in to get four novels published.

That’s right, about 10,000. So perhaps it is no coincidence that many authors make it big after their forth novel, as they are finally experts.

This is also why I’m published new editions of my trilogy. Look for the latest editions on Amazon now and let me know if they are better!

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