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My Thoughts on the Historian: In Honor of Dracula

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Author: Elizabeth Kostova

Book: The Historian

October is HORROR month and Halloween is my favorite holiday. So to honor the season, this week’s book review is about vampires, my favorite mythical creature (of course). More specifically Vlad Dracula, the most well-known amongst his kind — the first Prince of Darkness. If you enjoyed my second novel, Of Princes and Dragons, then you’ll most likely enjoy this one.

The tale told in The Historian is one of a long search for Dracula, a search that spans generations, even centuries. The details Elizabeth includes in this novel are effective in placing the reader directly into each scene. You feel like you’re touring Europe with Paul and his companions. It feels like you personally meet each new character they encounter. Paul is easy to fall in love with, even if that was not Elizabeth’s intentions. He is incredibly intelligent, compassionate and brave. Yet, easily willing to admit when he is out of his depths on a particular topic of interest.

Of course, there are copious amounts of actual historical facts and locations thrown into the mix. There can be no doubt that Elizabeth did her research for this one!

Heat level: Low. Only two vaguely implied love scenes.

Anyone else read this one? I would love to hear your thoughts! Simply reply to this post

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Author Lynne Hill-Clark

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