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Fantasy Book Review Roundup

Love fantasy? Then you may have noticed there are countless options out there for your next read. With so many different fantasy subgenres, it can be hard to choose between the newest steamy vampire romance and the suspenseful coming of age tale in a bizarre utopian society.

If you’ve read my first series Lords and Commoners, then you know that I love to blend elements of history, romance and plenty of action into my work. And I’m always looking for my next inspiration and a great story to get sucked into!

For this reason, I’m constantly reading works from my fellow fantasy authors and I’m back with more book reviews for you — this time with a roundup of fantasy books that have made my reading list!

Fantasy Books: What to Read Next?

A Discovery of Witches

Author: Deborah Harkness

The science, research and history makes this book brilliant. Deborah’s writing puts her readers right in the story. You get all the tastes and smells of the world. There is just enough mystery, romance and suspense to keep you reading. Love you Deborah!

Heat Level: Mild. No sex scenes only some kissing and some very sensual and dangerous blood sucking.

Have you read this one or the All Souls series? What did you think? I'm curious about the TV series, is it any good?

The Midnight Library

Author: Mat Haig

This book is life changing. I literally felt like a different person after reading it. When I finished reading I just sat there in a wonderful state of awe and processed the story and all it had to offer. The Midnight Library is a very creative tale that keeps you reading. It’s always interesting and fun. Yet, Matt managed to stealthily weave in some very important life changing lessons.

It could be considered adult fantasy but it is really for everyone, in my opinion. But I could be biased as I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Thanks so much to my dear friend who gave me this precious gift for Christmas.

Be sure to check out Matt’s book.

Heat Level: Mild. No sex scenes.

The Knights of Dragonwatch: The Dragon Queen of Chaos

Author: Eric T Knight

The hero of this story is Jarryd and he’s an easy character to identify with. He is selfless, strong and brave — a true hero. From the beginning Jarryd is obsessed with living by the “Knight’s Code.” This causes him conflict at times and often makes the story even more interesting. This tale is full of action, mystery and adventure.

Eric knows his stuff. He follows the irresistible story line of the Hero’s Journey in this wonderful book. Eric is a successful and prolific writer of epic fantasy — one of my favorite genres.

Heat Level: Mild. Jarryd is a true gentleman through and through.

What do you think? Which one are you adding to your reading list? Comment below!

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