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The Woman's World Series

A Companion series to Lords and Commoners 

Book 1: A Woman's World

ebook1 Woman's World .jpg

Baya is not sure she wants the life her mother has planned for her.

Baya has been prepared her entire life for three trials.


That’s all … only three ancient tests in three days.


A lifetime worth of work over in a matter of days.


Easy right?

Then she will officially be a woman and in line to become the ruler of the world 

… or she’ll be dead.

But what if she doesn’t want either of those options?

If she can survive the trials, that’s when the real challenges will begin.

Book 2: Lost Powers

ebook2 Lost Powers .jpg

Nothing is what it seems, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The friends she can’t save.

The family she can’t help.

The lover she can’t live without.

And don’t forget about the world.

It all rests on Baya’s shoulders.


She must piece together the truth about their history.

Her path leads her to face her greatest regrets and her worst fears.

Baya must restore what was stolen.

Then her worst horrors will be realized …

Book 3: A Collision of Worlds


The Adventure Continues! 

What happens when two cultures collide?

What happens when two species collide?

How about two galaxies?

Baya is on a quest to restore what was stolen.

Along the way, she learns about strange people from an advanced planet called Earth. 

As she gets to know these new friends, she also faces fierce new enemies who want her dead. 

Does Baya have what it takes to fulfill her destiny?

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