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A Steamy Paranormal Romance for Your Halloween Weekend

This book is unlike most of the others I’ve reviewed or tend to listen to, mostly because of its super steamy nature. Nightly Pleasures certainly lives up to its name. It’s a dark paranormal romance that leaves nothing to the imagination of the reader.

From the very beginning the sexual tension is palpable and the many sex scenes are VERY descriptive. I caught myself rolling my eyes numerous times over the sappy innuendos. I didn’t fully grasp all the nuances of the world, e.g. what the difference between a demon and a vampire was, probably because I was too distracted with all the great sex.

The back story is brutal so be warned. Regardless of all this I finished the book in record time. So the story must have been very enticing and entrancing. One of the things I liked best was how the relationship grew. It was nice when the two main characters started to care about one another on a deeper level, rather than entirely animalistic desire, although that never goes away.

If you like steamy paranormal romance then this is the book for you!

Heat level: Wild … TOTALLY WILD! This book is outright erotica.

Have you read this one or any of Sherrilyn’s books? What did you think? Fell free to drop a comment below.

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