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Of Princes and Dragons (Audiobook)


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Fantasy Meets History in an Epic Adventure

It isn’t easy being a vampire amongst humans…

But Teller must keep up the front if he is to achieve his dream of becoming royalty…

A prince … an Emperor … or maybe even a God.

His life depends on keeping his true nature a secret.

Yet, enough is never enough for Teller.

He must have more, more wealth, more power, more … all in the name of winning Vallachia back.

But will he ever have enough to satisfy her?

Or is it himself who is insatiable?

Something or someone must stop him.

The vampire battle to end all battles is coming. Who will Teller side with?

Product Details

Title: Of Princes & Dragons

Author: Lynne Hill-Clark

Format: Audiobook

Language: English 

Category: Fantasy Adventure, Alternate History 

Published Date: 7/15/2017

Length: 11h:12m

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