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A Woman's World (Audiobook)

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Baya is not sure she wants the life her mother has planned for her.

She has been prepared her entire life for three trials.

That’s all … only three ancient tests in three days.

A lifetime worth of work over in a matter of days. Easy right?

Then she will officially be a woman and in line to become the ruler of the world

… or she’ll be dead.

But what if she doesn’t want either of those options?

If she can survive the trials, that’s when the real challenges will begin.

This is a story of survival, love and loss.

Product Details

Title: A Woman's World

Author: Lynne Hill-Clark

Publisher: Future Classics Publishing

Format: Audiobook

Language: English

Category: Fantasy Romance, Historical Fantasy

Published Date: 8/21/2021

Length: 9h:4m

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